As FORWARD enters its 9th year, our focus is on the theme "Duality."

There are multiple sides to every story, opposing truths and opposite energies. In Western society, we often get caught in battles of who’s right and who’s wrong - while the dual reality is that both sides hold truths and in order for us to maintain a sense of community it’s important for us to acknowledge and respect these truths. At the same time, it’s important for us to stand up for our beliefs, passionately speak our truths and back them up in a civil and honest manner.

How does this play out in our “electronic creative culture”? All too often we find ourselves marginalized on the fringes, underground. In many respects, that’s in part because that’s where we like to be and gravitate towards. At the same time, there is a universal appeal and mesmerization associated with our culture that deserves and needs to be shared in more public “above ground” settings. As we continue to devote ourselves to sharing the magic contained within the underground community while simultaneously adapting to the widespread interest in our culture from a more mainstream perspective, this year's theme of "Duality" will inspire our art, the venues we produce at, the artists we curate and the presenting partners we work with. Over 5 days, we will host 5 artistic DC Debuts, utilizing new venues as well as places that we’ve become familiar with over the year. Partnering with new up and coming acts as well as long time DC area staples.

A key aspect of evolution is remaining open, putting ourselves in environments that challenge us and help us explore. As always, we hope you join us on the sonic journey that will be FORWARD 2016 as we glide through various aspects of our culture from Disco grooves to energetic Club oriented vibes and dubbed out Reggae. You ready? Let’s go. 5/11 - 5/15 - FORWARD 2016 in the Nation’s capital.


See you in the mix!
The FORWARD team


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